About Us

Accounting to help your business prosper

Centenary Accounting Brisbane is a proactive and forward thinking team of accounting professionals and business advisors, located in the South-Western suburbs of Brisbane.

Our aim is to assist local SME business owners in building a stronger, more profitable business. For over three decades, we’ve walked hand-in-hand with an ever-growing number of local businesses, guiding them to become more confident, knowledgeable, successful and profitable. Our clients operate across a wide range of industries and range from sole traders, through to small public companies. If your goal is to build a solid financial base that will enrich your future, place your trust in Centenary Accounting Brisbane.

We’ll help you conquer the important decisions like minimising tax, optimising earnings, saving for superannuation and your financial freedom, whilst protecting your hard-earned family assets. We’ll interpret all the facts and figures and will explain the findings to you in simple terminology you’ll understand.

Accountants you can really count on

Unlike many accountants, we don’t merely report on your past, but we also provide you with tailored business advice for your future.

Instead of continually looking back at the rear vision mirror, we’ll give you diagnostics to help drive your business forward. By knowing what’s really happening in your business, you will be able to understand the actual value of your business investment.

We’ll arm you with the foresight and direction enabling you to confidently make informed decisions that will determine your business’s future.

The mark of a great accountant

Centenary Accounting offers a full suite of business financial services and strategies.

Minimising tax and advising you on the correct tax structure for your business will be the first step. Following this, we will collate a detailed strategic financial plan, incorporating realistic budgeting and astute business advice in order to optimise your profits in the short and long term. During this time, legal structures that insulate you from your business will be put in place to help protect your family, home and other assets.

In addition to this, we will be able to offer up-to-the-minute superannuation (SMSF) innovations to help you set aside necessary assets in order to reach a future you deserve.

The difference between a chartered accountant and other accountants

A Chartered Accountant has incomparable knowledge and practical hands-on experience. To attain this level of expertise, Chartered Accountants complete thorough educational training qualifications and have high-level communication and technical skills, ensuring the highest professional standards are upheld.

At Centenary Accounting, our Chartered Accountants will teach you how to think, not just process numbers.

Getting started with Centenary Accounting

If you’re looking for someone to merely do your tax return, we’re not the accountants for you.

Our aim is to help your business prosper. To achieve this, there needs to be a combination of synergy, empathy and mutual respect, which is why we offer all businesses complimentary client briefings – not just at the start, but regularly throughout the process. This is the perfect opportunity to ‘pick our brains’ to find out if we are all on the same page.

These briefing sessions are obligation free and strictly in confidence, encouraging you to dig deeper into your business and personal life, discussing challenges and objectives with our key personnel. These will include; senior accountants, a dedicated financial planner and finance expert.

We aren’t able to work with everyone, but when the stars align, you’ll be surprised at the outcome Centenary Accounting can generate for you and your business.