March 31, 2017

Its available today.
Its cost effective.
Its easy to implement.
It saves time.
Time saving equals greater profits…….

Today, in a hectic business environment customer “instant” gratification is everything.
A small business must be able to have a streamlined product/service in order to succeed or a customer will look elsewhere.
Accountants have long been asked a common question. “Which accounting software should my business use?”.
The answer to this question has never been easier to answer despite the depth of available accounting platforms. The 3 main providers for small business at present are Xero, MYOB, and Intuit(QBooks). All 3 have relationships with “Add-on” providers.

An add-on software will provide a specific function but will then directly feed that information into your accounting system.

Add-On software can provide great assistance in areas of
• Job Management (Budget Vs Cost, Margins, Costs & Time Allocation per job).
• Inventory Management (Stock Control/Production Management/Batch Tracking)
• Customer Relationship Management

This will give a business all of the above mentioned benefits if implemented properly. Time will be saved. Money will be saved.

So please consider which “Add-On” fits best for your business first. The accounting software will select itself once you have made that decision.