Debt Mitigation

Are you concerned about going insolvent or bankrupt?

If so, you should be focusing on trying to reduce your debt as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of long-term damage. Whether you are dealing with large amounts of credit card debt, personal loans, or money owed to collection agencies, Debt mitigation services can provide much needed relief for individuals and their families.

Do any of the below situations relate to you?

  • Your business in trouble financially
  • There are no more options for you to explore
  • You have exhausted your creditors patience
  • You have personally guaranteed your creditors
  • Your debtors out of control

Through debt mitigation, Centenary Accounting will consolidate your loans, helping to create budgets and secure a reduction in interest rates and payoff times. For anyone with serious debt problems and financial hardship, debt mitigation can be a very viable option worth considering.

At Centenary Accounting, our debt mitigation process involves the following 3 core stages:
  • Review – We will review all of your finances, including your owed debt, monthly expenses and all sources of income.
  • Structure – Based on the information obtained above, we will create a realistic debt reduction plan and budget that enables you to pay off your debt within a 5 year period.
  • Negotiation – We will deal with creditors on your behalf for a possible reduction in your interest rates and the permitted time involved in paying off your loan.

Every problem has a solution, and due to the experience and knowledge of our pre-insolvency and bankruptcy specialists, there are few situations we can’t create a positive outcome for. It’s our aim to help you pay off your debt so that you can live a happy, debt-free future.

For more information contact Centenary Accounting today, and give yourself and your family some peace of mind.