Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation for your future

At Centenary Accounting we are passionate about helping you create wealth, build on it and protect it for the future. In our experience, the majority of all new clients who have approached us to look after their financial affairs don’t have a current strategy in place to help them achieve their financial goals. This is where we help!

Centenary Accounting will help you achieve your financial goals, now and in the future – whether that be reaching a financial benchmark, retiring early, creating a fund for your children’s education or setting foundations for future wealth for you and your family. In order to maximise your after-tax cash flows, we will develop a wealth creation strategy tailored to your unique needs.

As a starting point, we will first look at your current financial position and your personal, financial and lifestyle goals and in doing so, we will reveal your subsequent needs and wants. Ascertaining this information early on will ensure we’re working towards the same financial target, allowing us to create a financial planning strategy that will help achieve these goals whilst catering for your individual situation.

Debt recycling

Due to the growing size of home loans, people are now starting to invest later in life. As people are also starting to retire earlier, this leaves little time between paying off the home and retirement – limiting the growth potential of their investments. Where traditional debt management and wealth creation strategies focus on paying off the home loan prior to commencing the wealth creation process, Debt Recycling encourages you to start investing for your future, now. Adopting this strategy will allow you to simultaneously pay off your home loan and create wealth at the same time.

Through Debt Recycling, Centenary Accounting will help you to start investing now by turning your non-deductible home loan debt into an income generating tax-deductible investment. This will create an additional income stream to reduce your home mortgage.

Interested in learning more? Contact Centenary Accounting and allow us to create some certainty around your current and future wealth.